TBS 5 incredibly slow

I just downloaded version 5 after having used 4 for about a year. 4 worked great. Very fast. I was quite pleased. This new version is almost unusable. It takes forever to start up, to open certain folders in the global library, and to pretty much do anything in camera view. I was ready to go back to 4, but I can’t access my old global library now that it’s been imported to 5.

Anybody have similar issues? Can anything be done? ???

Same issue here! I have a Canon Rebel xti, and I know it should work as some of the screen shots show the Xti as an example! It’s so slow! And it’s Christmas!

Well, apart that Studio 5 needs about 30 sec. to start up to the welcome screen…
I haven’t encountered any speed decreases yet… even with very large projects (1.7 GB)

What are your system specifications: e.g. CPU, RAM and Graphics…?


I’m no computer expert, so I hope I’m just missing something basic. I work on a MacBook Pro and here are the specs:

Intel Core 2 Duo
4 GB Memory
NVIDIA GeForce 9400 + 9600 GT with 256MB

Version 5 does the thirty second start up with me too, and it works fine in drawing mode, but if I’m working on a scene even with only a few characters and basic background, there’s a delay with everything I do. This just throws me especially since Version 4 still works like lightning.


Your system specifications should makeTBS 5 run with “lightening-speed”…
Not really sure, why it doesn’t…?

Does your project contain large numbers of bitmaps…?
Go to Toon Boom Preferences / Display / Rendering Options /
Try and uncheck a few options… e.g. Smooth Textures & Bitmaps / Smooth Tools /
OpenGL Anti-Aliasing / Smooth Pegs… (experiment with those)…

Reduce Texture & Image Resolution / bring the slider down to Faster Display…
Change OpenGL to Quartz 2D or vice versa…
Restart Toon Boom Studio…

If nothing works, try and delete the TBS Preference-file…
(be aware, this will delete all your assigned preferences, e.g. shortcuts…etc.)

Guess, there is enough space left on your Hard-drive…?


Yeah the hard drive is fine. I unchecked what you suggested and it helped a lot. It’s still taking a long time opening certain folders in the global library for whatever reason, but I guess I can live with that. Maybe it’s a Mac issue.

Thanks so much for your help!

I, too, am working on a Macbook Pro 2.26 Ghz Core 2 Duo with 2 Gb of memory. I’m just trying to capture using “Capture Device” with my Canon XTi and XSi, but nothing shows up except the spinning wheel. I let it run for 10 mins. and nothing happened. However, the capture does work with iSight.

Help, please! Toon Boom Studio was a lot of money for just watching a spinning wheel!


Well, can’t say it’s a “Mac-Issue”, I haven’t used anything else but Mac’s
with all my versions of Toon Boom Studio…
So, can’t say, if Studio would be even faster on a Windows-PC…? I guess not…?

Toon Boom Studio (don’t no about Animate) doesn’t take advantage yet of
Multi-Core-Technology (Hyper-Threading), so it really doesn’t matter how many cores
one provides, Studio wouldn’t run any faster… Haven’t seen any major speed-improvement using Studio on a 2-Core iMac or 8-Core Mac Pro.