TBS 5 glitch

Hi All. There is a recurring glitch occuring while running current TBS 5 application. AFter drawing for several hours the TBS app becomes eccentric. A significant lag times begins when switching between layers in the timeline or when switching between draw and camera modes.

While in draw mode the gridded area becomes erratic: the image breaks up into 12 tiles. So, if I change a layer in the timeline a single or several “tiles” of the grid might display one (or several) “tile(s)” of the previous image. Yesterday after selecting a new layer, a single tile on right side of the previous image displayed in the zoom-in mode. The newly opened layer displayed normally except for the single tile of the previous image.

I am running ToonBoom Studio 5
Computer: Intel (R) Core™Quad CPU Q8200 @ 2.33GHz with 4GB RAM and 64-bit OX


Were you getting the same behavior after closing and reopening the software? Also, which exact model of video card is installed on your machine?

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