TBS 5.0: The ability to transform elements with texture better.

Currently when transforming imported png files (and vector converted), you
can transform them to adjust the outside shape but the texture does not
transform too.

Thus if you have a rectangular wall and want to give it perspective, you need
to either draw it this way or adjust it in photoshop.

This is of course ok, but when just starting out in TBS and animation you may
want to reuse some elements or drawings until you’ve created a good library
of drawings.

Thanks for considering!

Hi,The software would need to be able to do bitmap editing to be able to accomplish such a task. The closest thing we have to what you are looking for would be the full 3D environment inside of Animate Pro which would allow you to change the angle of your flat image to make a 3D environment out of it.Best regards,Ugo