TBS 5.0 : Possible to launch directly into program?


New user here, also new to the forums. I did a search but didn’t find anything, so am hoping this hasn’t already been asked.

When launching TBS 5.0 (Mac), it always opens the screen with “My Account,” “Free Tutorials,” New Project setup or load an existing one, etc…

I’d like to open right into the program, without this screen. Possible?

Thanks for any help you can provide!

I don`t know, if it is possible to start Toon Boom without the start-screen.
But You can save an empty file .tbp. Then You can create a link to this. Now, You can start Toon Boom Studio directly with this link. This works with windows.
(Sorry for the bad english)

Great idea, it does work on a Mac if you use the ‘alias’ (shortcut) on the desktop. But not on the launch bar.

No real big deal, just would’ve been nice.


fine - have fun with TBS