TBS 5.0 paintbucket shuts down TBS

working on my latest project I experienced that TBS 5.0 shuts down when simply using the paintbucket tool.

here’s a drawing werethings go horribly wrong:


as you can see, it’s a very simple drawing,
the black fills were done using the paintbucket tool.
I can figure out why the shoe is filled in (lines not entirely cloesed) but I can’t figure out why it doesn’t fully fill the tie.
Every time I try to fill in the rest of the tie with the paint bucket TBS 5.0 shuts down.
In this project this has happened at least a dozen times, with several drawings. It was so unstable I colored everything in with the brush, that worked fine, but is a huge workaroud.

Also; the “paint unpainted” tool seldomly seems to work as it should, leaving perfectly closed areas unpainted.

Are these errors, and -if so- can I expect solutions for them?

TBS 5.0
Windows XP, SP3
quadcore intel processor 3.00 GHz
GeForce 8800 GTS


The fact the the software crash is somewhat unusual… You may want to change some of the display options inside the Preferences of the software. The renderer used may be at cause and you could also change the memory usage.

As for the tie, this is most likely caused by the fact you have the close gap option activated. You should be able to deactivate it by going to Tools>Auto Close Gap>Disabled. Be aware that if you have made your character using Pencil the shape may not actually be closed since lines need to intersect. In such case it may be better off to convert the character to brush so that what you see is what that is closed or not. You can do that by selecting the character and go to Tools>Convert Line to Brush.

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Hello Ugo,

thanks for the super-swift reply!

disabling Auto Close Gap and adjusting memory usage seemes to solve the software crashes and the “tie-problem”. But I’m sorry to say the paint fill tool -and paint unpainted tool- could improve a lot, as I find myself spending most of the time using the brush for coloring. This is a primary function for animation software I believe; automating tedious tasks :wink:

I’m also not too fond of converting pencil lines to brush strokes, since I can no longer change the line weight that way. So I guess I should really close my lines, or take another pass with the “close gap” tool?

Please don’t take this critcism the wrong way, I’ve been an animation software users for a while now (Toonz, Moho, AE, Flash…) and find myself working with TBS more and more, but there’s still room for improvement :wink:

take care,

TBS 5.0 shuts down again when I use the paint bucket.
This time only in scene view, no other software running.

these are my current settings:


Try to activate Import Pencil Rendering Performances as that should help if you use lots of pencil lines.

Also try to move the Video Memory Usage and System Memory Usage up as it will give more resources for the software to handle memory (putting it down will limit the available resources for the software).

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those are some good tips, Ugo!

I thought decreasing the memory usage would improve stability (i.e. as in After Effects)

thanks a lot!

still having numerous software crashes due to this problem.
without warning the software shuts down when filling with the paint bucket.

We’re working with several people ons one project,
on different platforms.
the same project results in XP and Vista to a shut down when trying to fill the “wrong” area,
Mac OS simply refuses to fill it, so we need to paint those areas with the brush.

I get the feeling this mostly happens when i’m copy-pasting a lot between scenes and projects, or after re-scaling all those drawings.

Disabling auto-close, and / or coloring these projects with the brush
are a tedious workaround, and not really an option,
since these tools can’t seem to fullfill their primary function.

I would highly appreciate some help with this.

I have the exact same problem. I’m using Vista. I’ll be filling with the paint bucket just fine and sooner or later I’ll click to fill and the whole program closes. I was wondering if you had found a solution to this problem yet? Thanks for your time.


As Ugo said, usually a crash of this type is related to trying to paint an area that’s not been fully closed. Even if you have auto-close gap enabled, it may crash in the process of trying to calculate the paint area, especially if your project is already heavy due to the use of a lot of pencil lines.

One thing to try is View > Show Strokes (K) - this should show you if there are any gaps in your lines, and make it easier to diagnose this problem at the outset. Then you can close the lines manually with the close gap tool.

If you continue to have lots of crashes related to the paint tool, then the best thing to do is let Toon Boom Support take a look at your project file, so they can determine if there is a problem or if there’s something you can do to improve your workflow. If you would like to email your project, zip the project folder and email it to techsupport@toonboom.com. If your project folder is too large to email, then they will set up an ftp for you where you can upload your project.

Thank you for your help on that. I do however have another issue. I’ve been trying the rotoscoping part of TBS 5, and I can get the video of a cartoon from youtube uploaded in it, but whenever I play it, it will get about 1/4 through it and close TBS down every time. It’s done this with three different videos, and these are the only videos I’ve tried. They are all in quicktime format. I’ve tried other formats and I don’t even get that far. Hope you can help. Thanks for your time.

Thanks lilliV,
i’m sending you guys an ftp link with one of my projects,
and all the necessary info.