TBS 5.0, optimizing project file questions.


As it’s been suggested that all my crashes are due in part or whole to my file types
and usages, I wanted to see what others are doing or might suggest. I realize each
project will be quite different, but am curious if I’m way off the average.

1. How big are your tbpd files?
My first project (20fps) at 1 1/2 minutes with 15+ pngs was 70.7mb.
My second project (20fps) at 40 seconds with a 10+ pngs was 38mb.
I converted roughly half of all pngs to vectors inside TBS.

2. How do you optimize your png files?
At the moment I scan drawings, then downsize to at least 1000x1000px or smaller.
Most are 400x400 or smaller. 8bit, RGB.

3. How much do you use effect layers?
With both aforementioned projects I used effects layers on roughly half of all
elements. Occasionally using more than one effect on an element.

4. Vectors are easier than bitmaps for TBS, correct?
One instance I had a 700x428 png file with transparency at 230kb. After vectorizing
the TBS (.tbt) file was almost 1mb. Wouldn’t this place more of a burden on TBS?

Any and all thoughts welcome!

Hi Christopher,

1. How big are your tbpd files?
Depends on the type of animation you are working on. For sure bitmap cut-out projects will be heavier. Converting the png to vector don’t actually make them smaller, it simply encapsulate it inside a vector box which can be manipulated inside the software.

2. How do you optimize your png files?
For bitmaps the only value you should be looking at is the actual resolution of the file. When we import bitmap inside vector drawings they get completely uncompressed, which mean that if you have 2 images that are the same with different compression, the fact they had a different original file size won’t necessarily reflect in the software and they most likely will be of the same size after import.

3. How much do you use effect layers?
For those I would say use whenever necessary but don’t if you it doesn’t have a visual impact. Every effect need to be applied to each piece of a cut-out characters and if you stack multiple effects it will impact the render time (and stability if it end up exceeding the available memory)

4. Vectors are easier than bitmaps for TBS, correct?
Yes. As for vector themselves, brushes are lighter then pencil lines for render.

Hope this helps.



Merci Ugo,

It does! I’m starting to get my head around all this animation stuff!



I had a look at your latest project you sent us and so far it seem to be pretty stable. Did you also experience crash difficulties with that new project as well?

By the way, regarding your empty menu we managed to reproduce this here. It is specific to Mac, but the menu should not block you from doing anything. There should not be any specific action associated to the right click on a Drop Shadow so if you may just want to avoid right clicking on those element you should not be encountering any difficulties.

We will try to address this in upcoming versions of the software.




Yes, crashes have occurred regularly on both of the projects I’ve worked on
since working with TBS. Both have crashed roughly at the same rate.

Glad to hear I’m not missing out on anything with the Drop Shadow effect.
It’s no problem of course not right clicking them :wink:

Thanks again,