TBS 5.0 on 30" cinema display


i’m experiencing lots of distortion when i’m drawing fullscreen on my 30" display. I’ve tried adjusting display settings, but it doesn’t help.

less complex projects or decreasing the window size helps,
but i don’t think this is a solution.

does TBS 5.0 support 2560 * 1600 display resolution?

windows xp (SP 3)
quadcore intel processor 3.00 GHz
GeForce 8800 GTS


any idea if this is hardware or software-related?


Well, how is your 30” display connected…?
As far as I know, a Dual Link DVI cable and ports are required to run the display at its
native resolution… (2560 x 1600)…
With a Single Link DVI cable the maximum resolution available might be only 1280 x 800…?

If you’re using an DVI to VGA adapter…? the signal is being converted from digital to analog
and back again… its being degraded every time its converted…
(not sure, if this is the cause of your distortion problem…?)
Normally, conversions shouldn’t show such problems…

I guess, you’re using the most recent drivers for your graphic card as well…?

Otherwise there shouldn’t be any problems running a 30” Cinema Display with TBS 5…


of course, the most obvious question seems to be the answer…

I updated my graphic card drivers and I don’t seem to have these problems anymore.
Thanks for your help!

to be complete:
my 30" Apple Cinema HD display is connected with a single DVI cable,
displaying a maximum resolution of 2560 x 1600