TBS 5.0 Export Hanging/Failing "Not Enough" Memory Issue-JPEGs in Animation

I’m having a couple of issues exporting an animation. The animation includes an imported JPG picture, some live action and TBS created animation (imported as mov). Regardless of the export format selected, the export either hangs, kills TBS, generates a non-valid MOV file, or fails with a “not enough memory error” as a SWF. As a MOV or AVI export, the machine doesn’t top out on resources…see below.

It briefly appeared that I could break the animation onto small 500 frame segments, but that didn’t work at it seems it’s related to the imports.

Through trial and error doing a range of frame exports, I’ve determined that the JPG/MOV imports are the issue. SWF will export successfully up to the JPG frame, but once I add the first JPG frame, it fails with the memory error. It returns this error with as little as 100 frames in the export range.

The JPG picture was imported directly into main animation. The MOV files were imported into a separate instance of TBS, then the individual cells pasted into the main animation. This process was followed because I’ve found that a direct import of MOV files into TBS causes serious stability issues with this particular animation resulting in crashes, especially when additional cameras and camera moves are added. :frowning:

I’ve also tried both the OpenGL and Direct3D options and the results seem to be the same. I’ve also disabled AERO in windows to see if it would free up more resources for TBS. That doesn’t seem to have any impact either.

Hardware & OS:
Windows 7, 6.1.7600 Build 7600
All Drivers Current
HP a6750f 8 GB System Memory
Processor AMD 9650 Quad Core 2300 Mhz
ATI Radeon HD4550 512MB
Display Resolution Current Set at 1280x1024
**Same issue at 1920x1080.
Disk Drive has 491 GB Free

Screen Shots Follow:


Hi Danielle, What might be happening here is that you are trying to exceed the maximum allotted memory for this application. In Windows, there is a per-application memory limit. That is, no matter how much memory is installed on your machine, each 32-bit application can take up no more than a certain amount - I believe it’s 2 GB under Windows 7. What might be happening here is that you might be approaching that limit and this is what crashes the program.If this happens only after you import a JPG or a movie file, this is most likely because your jpg or your movie file is very large. You might want to try to cut down the size of the import to the minimum amount needed for your scene resolution. Also, as you said, cutting up the scene into smaller chunks should help your rendering as well. ~Lilly