TBS 5.0 constantly crashing


I’m teaching a Toon Boom class and have a student using TBS 5.0. The program is continually crashing on him, usually when clicking into the drawing area to begin drawing.

All of his files are drawn in TBS. There are no imported or image files. He’s using a Wacom Bamboo tablet.

We actually transferred his drawing files one by one into a new Toon Boom file, and there was one relatively elaborate (but not very) drawing that seemed to crash the system. So we removed that drawing and he recreated it. Things were fine for a while, and now the program is crashing again.

He has a PC laptop and a Mac desktop. We’ve also opened the file on a school PC desktop. The file crashes in all three, so it must be something wrong in the file itself? or the Bamboo tablet working in conjunction with Toon Boom Studio? That’s the only other common denominator.

Any ideas on what we could do to help stop the crashing are greatly appreciated!


TBS 5 is a work in progress, they keep on adding features but don’t fix anything, I gave up and unistalled 5.0. Now I only use 4.5 and only when there’s something I can’t do in Anime Studio.

Hi Harold,

You might consider and sending your file to Toon Boom Techsupport:
with a short explanation what’s going on…

I guess, you have already installed the newest driver for the Wacom Bamboo…?

What are your system specifications e.g. Graphic Card / Memory…?
(you might simply run out of RAM…?)