TBS 4 Troubleshooting

I’ve witnessed a couple of issues with TBS 4 that I had not seen in prior versions, and was hoping for some insight.

When I export a movie to SWF, the sound is not being exported. There doesn’t appear to be a setting for the SWF export to turn off/on the sound, so I’m not sure how this could be.

One of the functions I’ve come to rely on is Preview Scene. It was always a quick way to make sure precision timing for actions like lip syncing were spot on. However, in TBS 4 the Preview Scene function is extremely slow. Even when I’m previewing just 20 or so frames, it can sometimes take 45+ seconds to render, where it used to take 3 seconds. This makes efficient work difficult, and more frustrating. Is there an alternative to Preview Scene that I’m missing?

I’m hoping for some clarity on these items.
Thank you,

Hi Will,

I don’t think there were that many changes in the export since most of it is handled by Quicktime. This being said I am concerned about the quick render time, would it be possible to provide us a problematic scene for us to see if there is something that could be causing this behavior in the scene (or in the software).

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I’ll ask the obvious question on your sound problem, did you accidentally un-check the sound element in your timeline, thus telling TBS not to include it in the render? Just a possibility as I have not had this problem with V4.0 and SWF. I even have a SWF in my Photo Cut Out Part 3 tutorial with sound totally made in V4.0. -JK