TBS 4 - So far, so good!

Just wanted to say that the new features in TBS 4 are worth the upgrade to me. I like the new docking windows, and the fact that I don’t have to have my monitors set to “horizontal span” anymore! No more marks that don’t line up with my cursor! :smiley:

Also, the new pen shapes are nice. However, when I change to one of the new shapes, I can’t seem to change it back to a round shape again (it’s not in the drop-down list). Anybody know how to get the circle back without selecting another pen?

Anyway, good job!

hear hear!!

It seems that all dual screen issues have been resolved, very good to see!
If anyone is still having troubles with their setups feel free to get in touch, with some timkering all should be well :slight_smile:

The demo version of TBS 4 keeps crashing when I try to switch the renderer to OpenGL. I want to do that in order to turn on the OpenGL anti-aliasing. Without the anti-aliasing the lines are very pixilated.

I have TBS Express 3.5, which lets me switch between Direct3D and OpenGL with no problems.

The offset problem with my dual monitor setup seems to fixed in TBS 4. I hope that will be fixed for Express 3.5 soon.

Hi Matthew,

I had the same problem initially when switching to open GL. Couple things to try - easy fix is removing your tablet’s preference file & then restarting the application. If that doesn’t work then you might not have the most current drivers for your tablet. You can get the most current ones from the Wacom site, then just uninstall the old ones & install the new.

That should take care of the crashing problem with open GL. Hope it helps. I can’t speak to your problems with express v 3.5

Thank you kdog, your suggestion worked! TBS 4 is working very well for me now, and I think it looks great. I’ll be upgrading soon.

Glad to hear it :slight_smile:

Don’t thank me though, thank Ugo. He’s the one who held my hand & got my setup working properly.

V4 is definitely an improvement over 3.5, but some of the little functions are not working consistently, here is small list from my testing so far.

1. PDF importer leaves out all the outline strokes, this is big no-no for me. As a result i am keeping the 3.5 around. PDF importer is the only reason i upgraded to 3.5.

2. On the exposure sheet, Ctrl-2, Ctrl-3 etc not working consistently, they become un responsive after sometime.

3. Pegs are extendable from time line by dragging with a cursor, this is no longer working.

4. Try to take a tab, for example, properties from upper group to the lower group makes tbs unresponsive. The only way out of this is to kill it and start again.

Hope there will be a service pack addressing these problems.


3. Correction. It works in a different way in v4, you need at least 2 keyframes :frowning:

I testing the version 4.0 now, it is really a pleasure to work with toon boom.

But I did not find a possibility to copy a peg from one scene to the other. has anybody an idea, how I could do this?

thanks for answering.
Best regards, Irmisato

Editing: I found out, how to…: I copied the peg and all the drawings into the library in the “global”-folder. Now I can use the animation in any scene. Simple and quick. The more I work with this programm, the more I found my destination :smiley:

Hey kkannan,

I can’t say I’ve had the problem you experience in #4. I can move tabs & windows all over both my screens & then put them back later. Haven’t experienced any crashes from that yet. Have you tried switching your display settings? Not even sure if that would affect it, but probably worth a shot.
good luck

Hi Kdog,

I switched to openGL and it is dockable now, i can bring the properties to the bottom right hand corner.


Finding all the new goodies in V4 is like an exciting Easter egg hunt. There are the easy to find eggs like Alpha Onion Skinning and The Customizable Workspaces and then there are all the special little eggs that are easy to miss like “lines to strokes” or “integration of the drawing perspective and drawing select tools” etc. So just as a helpful suggestion for TBS users who started out in previous versions, you will want to re-read the newly reworked PDF user manual from cover to cover very carefully. You never know what great new feature is hiding in an simple paragraph that you otherwise might not have thought to read like the addition of an “override” button for “hot key” assignments in preferences. -JK