tbs 4.5 crashes when I try creating a new file

when I try creating a new file (the same when I tried opening a tbp file), it crashes and then a usual window error box appears. It says :“toon boom 4.5 has encountered a problem and needs to close”. This also happens to the previous version (4.0)… what should I do ??? ??? ??? I already tried to change the display on preferences tab but it’s still no good…

Oh, and I’m running this on windows xp sp2 with ATI Radeon HD 4650 graphic card in default settings, 2GB RAM, DDR2.

oh, and for further information, I tried to run TBS trial for the first time when I hadn’t installed quicktime yet… then the error message came and I thought it’s normal. but after I installed the quicktime and also upgrade the TBS (now it’s not in trial anymore), this error still appears…
could it be…the problem’s related to quicktime??

please help… I really need to run this TBS ASAP…


Make sure to install the latest version of Quicktime for your machine and also the latest version of your video card drivers.

I don’t see why this would happen really. I know you mentioned you have changed stuff in your preferences but to make sure as you open the software (before creating a project) go to Edit>Preferences>Display and change the renderer from OpenGL to Direct3D (or the opposite depending on which is selected at the moment).

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