TBS 4.5 & 5 compatibility

A question, how compatible are TBS 4.5 and 5? Will you be able to open 4.5 files in version 5? And, will they work–at least the basic features that are native to both–in the opposite direction? Just wondering.

Forward compatibility between versions is expected. Backward compatibility is usually not provided. You should at a minimum be able to open libraries from a prior version in the latest version to allow movement of templates into the most current version from the earlier version. Unless someone had a huge “brain fade” I suspect that this practice will be honored in V5.0. Going from one product line to another doesn’t always come with such expectations but moving to a version change for the same product line really requires forward compatibility at a minimum. I’ve been around since V1.0 and never been disappointed with a new version release. Every new version has been a welcomed improvement and V5.0 shouldn’t be an exception. -JK

oh ok, cool. lol i just bought 4.5 and the next day i got a notice that 5.0 was coming out! lol. so they work together well.

I’m currently living abroad. I hope they’ll sell 5.0 online for download…I had to wait for six weeks to get 4.5 in the mail from a friend – and even then it was chewed open and gnarled up by the rats in the post office (and I mean real rats, not the workers…though they’re not great in India either!).


Once you receive your box you should actually be able to register it online and get the downloadable version of the software.

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