TBS 4.0 on Snow Leopard

Will TBS 4.0 run on Mac OS X 10.6? I’m thinking of upgrading to Snow Leopard, but I don’t want to cause myself problems with my TBS installation.

My current version of TBS is 4.0.10667

(Currently running OS X 10.4.11, on a 2.16 Intel Core 2 Duo iMac).



As far as I am concerned, TB 4.0 worked perfectly fine in SL, at least it did for me. However, I have heard reports of TB 4.0 not being able to play sound in SL, with 5.0 being the only version having the ability to render sound. I always implement sound in my animations in post production, so I wouldn’t know.

In any case, the main part of the program works for me, so I am fine with it.

Thanks, GoldenStandards. That’s good to know.

Anyone else have more info about sound playback in TBS 4.0 on Snow Leopard? Is there a patch for this problem?