TBS 3.5.1 won't launch/open.

Upon trying to open TBS, the splash page appears briefly, except not in the usual orange colors, but in teals and blues and whites. After a moment, it “closes unexpectedly.” If it is a problem with the Renderer, I don’t know how I can access the TBS preferences, because I can’t get the program to open at all.

I’m on an iMac (2.33 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo) and was on OSX 10.4. My system software needed to be reinstalled. When it was, I was upgraded to 10.5.6. After the reinstallation, everything else has worked fine and no files have been lost. Is TBS 3.5.1 compatible with OSX 10.5.6?


Version 3.5 of the software is not actually supported on the new version of OSX. Leopard was released while 4.0 was in production so the fixes were made on the ongoing version at the time. Therefore you would need to get a newer version of the software to be able to run it on this new OS.

You might want to get in contact with our sales staff regarding the upgrade possibilities to get this addressed.



I was afraid of that. Oh well. Easy fix.

Thanks, Ugo.