TBS 2.5 for PC issues anyone?

how is version 2.5 working for people on PC/Windows?

Generally I like most things about it, and I was carefully optimisitc about it during beta testing, but I feel like I got left hanging about the scanner issue. I sent them a file generated by the beta version that was supposed to help them diagnose the problem, then never heard back from them about it. Meanwhile, it remains on the list of new features, which seems to me to be false advertising.

I finally did the Windows Service pack 2 thing, hoping that would help, and it only slowed down my computer. TBS still won’t interface with my scanner. It also runs slower than version 2, which I don’t get. Seems they left the job unfinished in many respects.

I have the same problem with scanning. I had a lot of back-and-forth with tech support about the scanner problem and they were never able to solve it. It seems that the “official” release even took the programmers by surprise, since they were still working on this and other problems at the time. Obviously the company rushed the “official” release in time for Christmas.

Unfortunately, Toon Boom has the worst track record of support once an official release is out. I know for a fact that the programmers were eager and sincere about fixing the scanning and other problems. But now that 2.5 for PC is “official”, the programmers are most likely under orders to drop development of Toon Boom Studio and work on Opus or one of the other programs they sell instead.

Expect a fix to the scanner problem in approximately 2 years, with the release of version 3.

Again, I don’t fault the programmers or tech people for not fixing this issue. They were trying to, and they put a lot of effort into working with me and others on it! But they are under the thumb of management, who would rather sell a buggy program, as Rob said, under false circumstances. Just like they did with version 1. Just like they did with version 2. >:(

Hi there,

I would like to clarify that we do support TWAIN scanning with TBS 2.5 on both Mac and Windows. This is NOT false advertising. The quality assurance team has been testing over a dozen of popular scanners on Windows from Epson to HP, Canon, Ricoh and Fujitsu and it worked with everyone of them. I personally tested some HP’s ScanJet and Canon’s CanonScan N series (both very popular for home scanning solution) and it worked very well. We also tested some Logitech webcam and it worked. Remember that we support TWAIN image acquisition which is a standard so every device with TWAIN support should work. Just need to install the proper drivers. For more information on TWAIN visit: www.twain.org/

Also, a lot of new things has come up at Toon Boom in the recent months and the development of Toon Boom Studio definitely a new priority. You won’t have to wait 2 years, you can expect a new major release of TBS in 2005.


Hi Mathieu:

You’ve always been a good support guy and everything, so this isn’t about you, but if the Twaining issues are so easily solved, why is it taking this to hear about it, months after? I had the impression that if I wanted further support I’d have to spend another fifty bucks (US) to get answers to my problems. I’m a cheap bastard on an educator’s budget (and a sailor’s vocabulary ;D) who generally looks for solutions without investing further.

I do appreciate the link on twaining, and I’ll let you know what I find. Whenever possible, if I find myself to have spoken out of turn, I like to clean it up. Respectfully, however, I have to agree with Fong on many points here.

I went to the TWAIN website and Tom Sawyer wasn’t even mentioned!!

uhh… kidding.

Is there something specific there I should be looking for?

I have encountered a problem with dual monitors and TBS, one that the upgrade to v2.5 pc hasn’t fixed.

I’m currently using a Wacom Cintique display tablet as my secondary monitor, and would like to keep it as the secondary to avoid wear and tear. My video card is an ATI x800, and I’m running a P4 3.4 w/ 1G ram in a shuttle computer. The problem is not tied to what computer or operating system I’m using (switched back and forth from 2000 and XP, and 3 different computers)

Basically, what happens is when you try and use the Drawing View on the second monitor it won’t refresh, and it will get ghosting artifacts when you drag the view arround. You can draw on it all you want, and nothing will show up, untill you drag it back to the your primary display. It still records what you draw, just doesnt show it on the second display.

Has anyone here encountered this problem?

I have found a “fix” of sorts. It would seem that anything drawn on the primary monitor works, so after an asoteric combination of changes in both the Display Properties and the ATI settings I can get it so see the Cintique as a primary monitor. This is exhausting and causes lots of problems like the file dropdown appearing on a different monitor than where the file tab is and the like.

Is there a fix for this? I have gotten nowhere on the ATI site, and they don’t seem to have a forum that I can find.

Thank you for any help you can offer.