TBH14: way to move only curve deformer 'offset', not other curves?

when working with curve deformers, is there a way to isolate and move/adjust the “position handle/offset” (the parent point that gets put down first) and leave the other curve points where they are? (otherwise, of course, the parent moves all the children too.)

I know there’s a way because one of my rigs works like this, and yet I have another rig, the setup looks exactly the same, and yet the Offset point moves all the curves below it.

So I can’t figure out the difference or how to move the Offset without moving the other curves… though I know it’s possible somehow.

You find an answer to your original question?

Oh, just figured it out - setup as an envelope deform instead of a curve, even if you don’t close your envelope when rigging. That does the trick.