tbh14: can a child inherit parent deformation AND also have its own deformer?

i know most often a kinematic output is used so a child is NOT distorted by its parent’s deformer, and can then have it’s own deformation, like a hand at the end of an arm. but can a child be distorted by the parent deformer AND have it’s own deformation?
specifically, i’m animating a bacteria with an outer ring of hair (cilia) and i would like that outer ring of hair to follow the same squashing that the bacteria/parent is getting, but also have the hair wiggle and react via its own special deformation.

similarly, lots of warnings about using a peg UNDER a deformer, i guess because the peg will presumably move the drawing out of the deformer zone. but it seems like in most cases you would need some sort of workaround so a drawing can inherit some parent deformation, but still have some added animation/positioning. and i suppose its the same ‘deformation zone’ problem without a peg if you chose to just transform the drawing without a peg, y?

Hey Charlie, curious if you ever figured this out? I’m in the exact same boat and wanting a deform on the characters mouth to follow the deform that is used to move the overall body. So far I’m getting tearing and problems, but wondering if there’s a way to do it.