tbh14: a way to click on layer in camera to locate in timeline?

i think i’ve read this somewhere, but can’t find it anymore-

what’s the way to click one of many layers in the camera view to locate it in the timeline? like after effects ‘reveal in project window’ or mac 'reveal in finder.

It’s O ( the letter, not number).

You have to be in timeline view area to do it (with a red square indicating youre inside timeline view). I personally have it enabled that when mouse cross over any window that one becomes the focus (it’s in settings to change from default having to click to change menu focus).

hmm- not sure i understand. i don’t get ‘o’ + clicking to do anything consistent in either timeline or camera.
just to clarify- i’d like to do something like: while looking at many layers in the camera view, find where one is located in the timeline, presumably by carefully clicking on some bit of drawing or paint that i’m looking at, and then have it selected or highlighted in the timeline view. something like it happens between the node and timeline; a selection one place highlights in the other. but in a camera view, you have to click on a pixel, and somehow force it not to recognize the invisible bounding boxes of other layers, which probably requires an additional key held down ‘o’ doesn’t function like that for me in tbh14.

without using a command like that, it’s a relentless hunt turning off and on layers in the timeline to see which drawing blinks on and off in the camera view.

It works well to set the cursor so wherever it hovers becomes the View window of focus (indicated by a red outline).

Preferences => General => Options => Focus On Mouse Enter

With this cursor preference set up in advance, select a part either in Camera View or by a node in the Node View. Then move the cursor over the Timeline View to activate focus on the Timeline View window. Click “o” …this places the part’s layer at the top of the layer list in the Timeline View window.

Note for those who are unfamiliar with this feature: This does not rearrange the order of the layers. All that it does is shift the viewable area of the list so the selected layer is at the top.

If you have a vertical list of 1-5


If you select a part that is layer 3 and click “o” while the cursor is hovering over the Timeline activating the Timeline View window layer 3 will appear at the top of the Timeline


Layers 1 and 2 will not be visible because they are running off the viewable area of the list while layers 4 and 5 will be visible under 3

Had you chosen 4 you would see


Had you chosen 2 you would see


Depending on how many layers exist (now say there are 15 layers) you may not see a 6, 7, 8, 9, and so on running off the lower end of viewable area as there is limited space to display layers in the Timeline View window. Of course you could also use your entire screen and expand the size of the Timeline in which case you would be able to see more than when the Timeline shares screen space with other View windows.

well- that sometimes works and other times not; i wonder why.
and yes, i also have the helpful mouseover function enabled.

can anyone from toon boom harmony tech support chime in please?
(i don’t know if i can move posts over to ‘tech support’ board.)


For me it works like this.

With transform slelected ( alt + 2 ) I press ctrl and click in an objects in the camera view.
I see it gets selected.

Then shift + O and the timeline shows that layer with that object.

/ Mattias

that’s it. transform tool ignores whatever other layer bounding boxes might be in the way so whatever you’re selecting, line-work for example, turns pink. (so no other key command necessary.) and then for me, simply ‘o’ while hovering over timeline scrolls the layer to the top of the cue.

unfortunately for my work method (unless i’m missing something else) the layer has to be unlocked to allow selection, and i neurotically lock everything i’m not currently working on. (which also reminds me of another issue: that ‘locking’ only prevents some changes and not others…)

but still very useful and thanks!!!

You might also want to try the Selection Only Mode on the Timeline (lower left icon on the left side of the Timeline). With that activated you only see on the timeline the layer that you click with the transform tool. If you work with pegs you might need to click B so that you go one level up on the hierarchy (shift+B to go down).

Luis Canau

cool, helpful button! must’ve read about but hadn’t used it before.