TBH 12 straight line with cutter tool?

is there a way to create straight lines with the cutter tool?
in a vector layer a multi-click work-around is to create a polyline or line tool shape, temp color it, then delete it.
i see no such way on a bitmap layer, though. the shape then can’t be selected separately from the rest of the drawing; the entire drawing is selected…

Use the Marquee- instead of the Lasso-option.


marquee can only create along an x,y axis, though, yes?
i see you can rotate/transform the cutter shape once you drag it out, but it seems to want to only cut out the x,y shape you first dragged. AND, the cutter tool doesn’t seem to allow a thin line; it only functions if a wide enough rectangle is drawn.

line tool can be a any # of any angles.

(what i think is REALLY missing, is some sort of polyline tool that can be in erase mode. and auto-fill.)

Try the “Stroke” Tool / Hold down the shift key and drag in any direction.
Apply a different colour to the selection you like to seperate.

good to know.
good for vectors, looks like ‘stroke’ is ghosted out/not available for bitmaps.

Try using the Rotate View Tool to change how the software defines x and y first instead of rotating the dragged shape after.