TBH 12, dup lyr of varying exposures, with empty cells?

i saw this unsolved on an old thread, so maybe there’s a method now.

any way to duplicate a layer with exposures of varying length, but with empty cells?
e.g. for cleaning up on another layer without having to create a new layer and then break the cells up one at a time to match the rough timing.

or another example: animation of partial character on 1 layer, perfectly timed out with varying exposure lengths, and now you want to create another layer for another part of the character, but with the same timed exposures.

(btw- one of my most often used TV Paint functions.)

additionally, if the orig layer is a cycle, or otherwise re-using/referencing drawings from the library, then the new empty layer could already have those same “parameters” built in, re-creating a cycle with new art but following the original’s pattern. instead, now if i ‘create empty drawing’ in all the cells of varying exposure one at a time, those parameters are deleted.
e.g. if i have a cycle on one layer, and want to create a matte on a new layer that would follow the same cycle, then those parameters would somehow need to be the same.

here’s a viz:


Hi Charlie,

if you were using Harmony 14 you could use the new ‘Synced Layers’ feature.
You would just have to right-click on you rough drawing layer and select ‘Add Synced Drawing Layer’ and you’d be done. :slight_smile:


aha- i read about that before i posted; took me a while to realize i was reading a brand new TBH 14 doc.
the only work-around i found to keep both the parameters as well as a exposure lengths, is to select each entire stage area, 1 at a time, in the camera view and delete it.

I don’t know if we think of the same workaround. The one that I’d suggest is duplicate the rough layer and delete the cell content keyframe by keyframe. But, it pretty seems to be your method. :slight_smile:

Otherwhise, you could just create a new drawing at every rough keyframe as well.

I admit that both methods are not that convenient as the synced layer method. But, I think that this is not the hardest thing to bear in the world. :slight_smile:

Hi everyone,

This one is fairly simple. You can use the Paste Special.

  1. Create a new layer
  2. Select the original exposure (all of it)
  3. Select Edit > Paste Special or Cmd + B or Ctrl + B
  4. Change the Drawing option to NEVER CREATE DRAWING FILES.
  5. Press ok

You are good to go.


Hope this helps!



that’s a useful trick to keep in mind!