tbd recovery

Hi all -

Was working on a project when TB crashed and now everytime I try to bring in that job, TB crashes before the job is loaded - other jobs load fine -I tried reinstalling TB but that did not do any good … is there someway to copy the individual tpd, sound, etc files to another folder? I am looking to recover over eight hours of work since the last backup … thanks, dan


You can recover the tbd by creating a new project in which you will need to create new drawing which have the same name as the original (could be a single stroke). Once you have recreated your drawing you can simply replace the ones from the newly created project by the ones of the old corrupted project. Be aware that you need to have Toon Boom Studio close while doing this procedure.

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Hi Ugo -

Thanks for the quick reply and good news … I was sure that I was dead in the water … I will give it a shot … thanks, dan