[TBAP] Question about hierarchy

So I need a little help with the rigging of an arm (Let me just point out I have done this many times, just not this specific way)

So I have my “Forearm” attached to my “Shoulder” and my “Hand” attached to my “Forearm”. So in order it looks like this.


Now the way this is setup up is that the hand is behind the forearm due t the hierarchy. How would I make the hand pop in front of the forearm without changing the hierarchy?

I know with drawings you can push back and fourth with the select tool, but this does not apply in the hierarchy.

Ahh damn, I’ve just realised I’ve put this in the Studio section. Could a mod please move this to the Animate Family section please.


You can simply post your inquiry in the Animate Family section where you will be responded to.

You can let me know if you would like me to then delete this thread for you.

Thank you!