TBAnimate Online Course

I don’t know how many of you may have seen this, but take a look here if you’re interested in learning how to animate with Animate via a nine month online course consisting of three modules. The first module starts in April.

The course seems to be geared toward the student looking to become a professional animator and class enrollment averages 8 - 20 students. Given the scarcity of Animate tutorials it’s interesting to see a full-blown course being offered.

Now if ToonBoom or, say VTC, were to develop a series of video tutorials on DVD or online, that would be great and a lot more affordable an option, especially for the “hobbyist” Animate user. Incidentally, VTC already offers TBStudio tutorials so if you vote for Animate on the VTC Wishlist they might add it to their line-up.

Thanks for letting us know about this Guitarist, I will vote!

BTW - The link on that User stories page is broken, the correct link is http://www.arteciacursos.com/Cursos_de_Artes_Digitais/English_Toon_Boom.html