TBA vs TBH Essentials or Advanced


We have an existing license of TBA and last night we purchased a license of TBH Essentials. It seems that I cannot open up existing TBA files in TBH Essentials or Advanced. Is that right?

I tried open an .ANIM file in both Harmony versions, but the file wouldn’t show up. Can I export my existing TBA files to TBH and which versions of TBH will accommodate those imported files?


The closest Harmony 12 level to Animate is Advanced. Essentials is closer to Studio. There should be a conversion tool in your Toon Boom account after purchasing Harmony 12.

"Animate/Pro projects can be converted to Harmony by going into your My Accounts section and selecting Harmony Project Conversion. If you (for example) upgrade from Animate to Harmony Advanced you still keep your Animate license.

[ source ]

Thanks that’s a big help.

Do you know why there is a limit to 5 conversions and why it takes 2+ business days?

I have not seen that information first hand. My computer needs to be replaced before I can try or buy. A consistent element in this new rollout is the feed off what you have aspect. IOW, you cannot see all pricing. You only see what is available to you based on what you already have. If you have nothing you only see what can be purchased from nothing, no upgrade pricing. The conversion software doesn’t appear until you buy so I cannot see anything related to it.

Someone suggested that the limit is to discourage people from using other versions then using someone’s Harmony 12 to convert everything when necessary. It encourages upgrading. The 2-day wait is news to me. It had sounded like an instant process up until now.