TBA or TBAP for cut-out style

I searched the forums but never quite saw an answer. I have TBS 8.1 but have had to do a lot of animation in Flash lately. I’ve heard all this good stuff about TBA/TBAP but when I look at the descriptions of the various products, I am unclear. How can you do only frame by frame or cut-out? It seems you should be able to do both in each, right?
Can someone shed some light on this for me? I’m looking to upgrade to one of these products.


Well, one can do “Frame by Frame-” and “Cut-Out-Style” animation in all of those packages,
Studio - Animate - Animate Pro - Harmony.

Cross-graded from Studio to Animate to Animate Pro myself and never looked back.

The Network View, Bone Deformer, 3D Camera, Rotate Drawing Layers on all Axes,
and a few more Effects etc… makes Animate Pro a worthwhile investment…

But, that is up to you…Make your choice:

I believe the marketing of Animate and Animate Pro is misleading. Referring to the comparison chart they imply that Animate is for frame-by-frame and Pro is for cut-out. However, each is fully capable of both cut-out and frame-by-frame as is Studio. Animate and Animate Pro are more alike than dissimilar when it comes to the type of animation produced. The general distinction between the two is that Pro has more features and its effects are node-based while Animate does not have all of the features found in Pro and Animate’s effects are layer-based.

I jumped to Animate Pro from Studio. Moving to either Animate, Animate Pro or Harmony, you gain refined tools that facilitate and expand capabilities, a better quality representation of work-in-process, and boat loads of tutorials made by pros and more advanced amateurs. All of the gains exponentially increase your potential to improve and produce higher quality material. IMO, if you are sure you want to do animation and you have spent some time with the trial software you are better off getting the best you can afford rather than taking baby steps. But you can cross-grade later also.

Thank you both for the replies. I will download the demo right away.