TB22 Onion Skin doesn't work

I’ve been working with TB many years in the Industry and it is my first time as TB22 user in a project (cutout - rigs not heavy), and the Onion Skin doesn’t work for any of the animators!

The tools are there, the options too, but you turn it on and either:

  • openGL displays it all wrong, making the tool useless:
    — onion-skinned characters rip up in scattered parts, making the character unrecognizable,
    — these pieces go all over the place around the character (instead of correct previous or next frame character/pieces position)
    — only shows in original CH color (even when selecting outline/color silhouette options) without any opacity and visually mixing up with the character;
  • TB loads forever, closes abruptly and locks the scene.

Is anyone else having those issues on this version or in a specific project?

For the TB support, can we get some answers concerning fixing this? We miss using Onion Skin and are going around this bug with much more time expensive ways!

Thanks in advance for any help!

ERRATA: This TB version we’re having issues with is 21, not 22.

Harmony 21.0.3 version/build and up (newer) have this fixed.

  • Onion skins don’t work with deformers. HAR-7856

You can can find you Version/Build under Help and then About in the Harmony main menu.