TB Watermark after Purchase?

Hopefully this is the right place to post such an issue! If not, I’d love to be pointed in the right direction. :slight_smile:

I bought a Toon Boom product September 28th via Paypal, and the transaction had been cleared on October 6th. I figured Paypal had cleared the transaction, but hadn’t exactly “completed” it yet since there were two parties involved. But I think I’m still using a trial version and I have not been sent a new license key for the product. So now, when I export a scene as a SWF, it still has a ToonBoom watermark overtop my frames.

I had received a Follow-Up email from TB.com, two weeks after downloading the product, but that’s basically it. I also asked for a hardcopy in the mail-- surely they’d have emailed some sort of confirmation about it being on its way, right??

Any and all assistance is greatly appreciated. <3 Thank you for reading!


This is a discussion you need to have with support.

No scenes from the PLE will open in the actual version.

Some people have had some luck copying artwork via the swf method.

If you have purchased it you need to get your licence and work that way.

If your payment has cleared, then you should be able to login to your user account to access your license key and a software download for the full version of the software. You’ll need to install this software as it’s actually a different software itself. Then you can input the license key for the full version and begin to work.

Work done in the trial version cannot be opened in the retail version.