TB Unexpectedly Quitting During Export

I’ve got an animation I made several months ago with no problem.
Yesterday, I made some small adjustments (Nothing odd, just added
a few images) and TB unexpectedly quit during 3 different attempts to
export it. Please advise.

Well, without knowing any specifics…?
Could be not enough RAM, or free Hard-Drive space…?
You might like and provide your system / project specifications…

Rendering High-Resolution-Images / Projects can take up lots of system resources…
This might be the cause of the crash…? (but not necessarily)…
Does it happen with all Images, or only a few specific ones…?

Try and render in smaller parts…
Export as Image-Sequences and assemble later with QuickTime or else…
Or use your preferred Video-Editor…


Hi Nolan,
Thanx for your reply. I’m on a MacBook Pro with Mac OS X version 10.5.8, Processor: 2.16 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo, Memory: 2GB 667 MHz DDR2 SDRAM

I’ve freed up disk space and now have 21.42 GB available. But it STILL unexpectedly quits in the middle of the export. Other animations export fine. It’s just this one, so it’s EXTREMELY frustrating.

Can I send you (Or someone at Toon Boom) the TBD file to check out?

Thanx Nolan & Lilly,
I resolved the issue with your advice.
It was crashing on the same frame every time, #709.
So I modified those images & then modified them back
and it worked. Go figure.

My NEW issue is rotating images. I can’t figure out the
Pivot Point tool so I use the blue dot as a pivot point.
Sometimes it works, but many times my image takes a
crazy path all over the board before reaching its destination.

Also, is there a way to acquire a physical copy of the
Animate 2 manual? Using the virtual pages is very frustrating.


I can get the Pivot Point tool to work when it’s just a stand-alone object.
But I can’t get it to work on a Peg. Is it supposed to work on a peg?

Also, can I import an animation (part of a scene) from Toon Boom Studio into Toon Boom Animate 2?


Awesome. I didn’t know there was an Advance Animation toolbar.
Now I can properly rotate my pegs.
Thanx for all the help :smiley:
~ Justin

It’s most likely that your computer is running out of memory. Have you tried exporting in chunks? Or as an image sequence like Nolan suggested? How long is your animation?

If you want someone here to take a look at it then you need to open a support ticket by sending an email to support@toonboom.com.


Well when you drag the blue dot around, what you’re doing is you’re moving a temporary pivot. When you move a temporary pivot around and then rotate it, it will still actually perform the rotation from the permanent pivot point of the drawing layer - NOT the blue dot you had selected and moved. So you really do need to just click on the pivot tool then click on where you want the pivot to be on that drawing layer in order to set the pivot, then go back and use your transform tool.

There’s no physical manual available but what you can do is print it out if you want. There are others who have had it printed at Kinko’s and had good results. :slight_smile:


The pivot tool doesn’t work on a peg layer. And the reason is that the pivot tool is for a drawing layer, which has a different pivot for each drawing. On a peg layer, you can only have one pivot for the entire length of the timeline. You can move this pivot using the Rotate tool in your Advanced Animation toolbar, then move the centre pivot on the rotate tool and that will move the permanent pivot on your peg.

If you want to have different pivots on a peg layer, for Animate 2 you should use an empty drawing layer instead of a peg. This is what they’ve done in the video tutorials in the HowTo section of the website - so go ahead and check them out.

If you want to import something from studio, you should do an export to swf and then import the swf into Animate.