TB Tutorial Download Error

Hi Support,

For TB Studio we purchased the video tutorial and are unable to complete the download as it says it requires AC Run Active Content. When I click on the 'AC Run Active Content folder a Windows script host window pops up with a ‘navigator’ is undefined error and code #800A1391. This is a newer Dell laptop and shouldn’t have any problems, but I’m at a loss as to how to get this downloaded. Could you please offer any help?

Thank you!


Hi Sue,

It seems as though Java Script is not enabled for your Internet Browser.
Either go into the settings of your browser and enable Java Script or
try using a different browser.

Often people have multiple browsers installed and set one for high security
for everyday browsing and use another with low-security settings to access
trusted sites as security settings that are set too high can often block access.


Hi Ron,

Thank you for getting back to me. Silly question…how do I open it in another browser? When I click on the TB video file (which has an IE icon next to it) it automatically opens in IE.

Thank you!


Hello Sue,

I meant you might want to try Firefox or Google Chrome or some other internet browser that you would need to download and install first. Your Internet Explorer is and can remain your default browser but it can be beneficial to have a second choice for situations such as the one you are facing and the reasons I gave in my previous reply.