TB studio will not export my videos as a quicktime video?

I’m having an issue with the program thats making it hard for me to export my animation in a good quality. I used to export my videos as a quicktime video all the time and there were no issues. Suddenly i open up my project today and decide to export part of it (frames 370 to 700) but when i went to go check and see if it looked okay, the video was only audio. the player was a small box like it would be for audio - no video at all. I closed it and opened it and exported again, but the same issue occurred.

I decided to try exporting as an AVI, and that worked. While i could consider than a solution, AVI quality is bad and its not a format I like exporting my videos in. I would really liek to try and figure out why this is happening as it seems completely random, I never toucdhed any option on my exports so I dont see why its doing this suddenly.

Hi Morey,

I would consider contacting support@toonboom.com as it maybe a driver or hardware issue.
Sometime, QuickTime updates on its own and could have caused some kind on incompatibility.


thank you for that suggestion, I will do that right now.