TB Studio VS Storyboard Pro: Who has experience in TB Studio? Why not create animatics/storyboards in there?

I can read it also has a scene manager, and transitions and stuff…

And i don’t like how limited you are in SBP when animating layers, and when editing backgrounds that are in multiple panels of a scene for example… You have only ONE timeline layer, if you understand me…

And as far i think to know, these ‘‘animatics’’ features in Studio are a lot more better and less limited than in SBP…

I want to know from someone with experience in both:
What is advantage of Storyboard Pro in comparison with Studio (as an animatic program, for a freelancer that animates his storyboard himself in Harmony)

i name a few i can think of… (and why they don’t really matter to me)

–/ No direct export to Harmony
(doesn’t really matter: there is a workaround for this)

–/ no bitmap drawing
(doesn’t matter: storyboarding is very rough and ugly anyway)

–/ more limited 3D - no real 3D objects
(doesn’t matter: storyboarding is very rough anyway)

–/ no dialog and action ‘‘typing’’ fields, ect… too bad, but i’d rather make a bit more complex animatics in an easy way

I haven’t really used Toon Boom Studio, but i really want to know why YOU would choose Storyboard Pro over Studio for storyboarding/animatics.