TB Studio 4.5 vs TB Animate?

I’ve been using TB Studio 3.0 for about 3 years and am pretty adept at it. I’m considering updating to 4.5, as a lot of the new features seem really useful, but I wanted to ask users if they thought it was worth just spending the extra $300 and getting TB Animate. I’m also wondering: if one has a decent amount of TB Studio experience, what is the learning curve for Animate? Would I be able to use it right away or would I be stumbling for a while? To give a sense of my experience level you can check out some vids at: http://www.youtube.com/dickchurch

Thanks fellow tooners!! Any input would be much aprreciated!

Hi - I checked out your Justin video and definately think you are ready to move up to the Animate family. I suggest that you try the PLE (Personal Learning Edition) to get a feel for the it. Your knowledge of TBS will surely come in handy while you learn the new software.


lol that was cool!

Hi Dickchurch,

Enjoyed your work - unique stuff. I’m pretty new to animating; my first working with it was just a few months ago (March). I started off with Toon Boom Studio, and after reading up some on Animate, I downloaded the PLE version and worked around in it for a week or so and I was sold. Its a whole new leaning curve for me after spending the past couple of months learning Studio, but the program (Animate) seems to be much more intuitive and user friendly than Studio. It’s definitely geared toward someone that has some animating experience which I don’t have, but I’ve been able to figure things out so far. The kick-start tutorials are a great tool (along with the topics/discussions on the forum) to get up and running with the program. The extra cost for the Animate is well worth it.