TB Storyboard Pro 1.5 & Yosemite - dongle not working

Hi. Like the others that have posted here, I am not able to use TB Storyboard Pro on Mac after upgrading to Yosemite. The program (TBSP) responds with an error message that it cannot find the license key, even though the USB dongle is plugged in.

Apparently the download version without the dongle works fine, so I imagine this is a relatively easy fix to get the OS to recognise the dongle.

Anyone have any idea how this may be fixed?

Anyone have any idea if it’d be legal to download a cracked version of the software that bypasses the dongle, especially if I own a legal license?


It would be illegal to download a cracked version regardless of owning a license. Chances are the cracked version would not be set up to use your authentic serial number. You would be stuck using cracked software to produce work. However you feel about that, a company paying you might not like the idea.

Is the cracked software this “Apparently the download version without the dongle works fine” or is there a valid option through Toon Boom to download a purchased version of the software that does not require a hardware dongle?

IOW, If you already own a copy can Toon Boom provide the version that runs without a hardware dongle? I am thinking there is possibly a software dongle version. Correct?

If you are left with only the one authentic version that has yet to work with Yosemite I would install an earlier form of OS X and wait until Yosemite is endorsed by TB.

Hey, thanks for the reply.

According to another thread another user has apparently had no troubles using the legal download version of TBSP that does not require a dongle. I bought the physical version which comes with a dongle. The only saving grace of a dongle is I can have TBSP installed on two computers and use the dongle with my one computer at work and with my laptop on the move. The download version is locked to a computer and is a mission to transfer the license between computers - but at least it works.

I did send them a support question a while ago and haven’t received a reply, I may ask again about the download version.

I’m not going to downgrade my OS just for TBSP (everything else I own works), I may look at other options.

For what it’s worth I’ve found Toon Boom software to be pretty user-unfriendly when it comes to honest customers and upgrade prices are ridiculous.

I should have been more specific with the earlier OS X version suggestion.

You can install more than one OS on one computer and boot to the one you want to use. I have a bootable OS on a separate hard drive. It was just a temporary set up while preparing a new SSD but I have been using the original set up which is on the external drive for weeks now not having finalized everything on the new drive.

I have not upgraded yet because I am a first time owner of the current Animate Pro (3). Speaking directly with Sales may be an option. I saved money when I crossgraded from Studio to Animate Pro compared to just using the posted buy online options.

Good luck with the Yosemite situation.

Well, Toon Boom never got back to me.

I did manage to fix it though. Downloaded a dongle driver for Mac:




G’day Mikdog,
That’s the problem with dongle solutions hey?
I foolishly bought mirage ( back in the day) which came with a dongle.
I was on a work trip and my hotel room was robbed and my dongle was one of the things stolen. That meant couldn’t use the program until I got a replacement and because they had been taken over by another company, I was never able to use that software again without forking out a lot ( I wish I had known about tvp when I purchased), needless to say, on principal I declined. Dongles are inherently dangerous for the customer, I have to conclude.
I am glad TB have two options though ( I wonder if I can get a dongle even though I downloaded?), I would love to be able to pick up the tablet pc and dash out to board on the run without all the messing around that I now have to go through.
Glad you got it all sorted btw.

TB Knowledge Base:

Publish date: March 18, 2013

Are there boxed versions of any of the Toon Boom products?

No, our products are only available as a download.

Which email address did you send your questions to?
Generally support is very quick to reply.

actually this was working for me. i discovered it yesterday by a lucky accident.


by the way, TB Support also never answered me, when i asked them about this problem. i wrote them at least 5 times. it´s a shame.

Or you could update the dongle device driver: