TB opens up as I-Tunes!

I own TB Studio (via electronic transfer) and it works fine on Vista.
Anyway, I recently had to reinstall Vista from scratch.
I am just now getting around to downloading and installing TB Studio, but when I open the TBS ZIP it opens up as my already installed (use it every day) I-Tunes program! I don’t mean the file is IN the I-Tunes folder, I mean it IS the T-Tunes Program. So I try opening it with INternet Explorer, and I-Tunes pops up again! What is happening here?


This look like a file association problem. Try to do open with instead and go get Compressed (zipped) Folders or any other application you would normally use to open up your zip files. You can also check the Always Open With check box to avoid this happening again.



Thanks! I will try this.

Still will not open! I try opening with Explorer, but nothing. The TB file just changes it’s name to I-Tunes, Limewire, or whatever you chose to open the TB file with. It only launches the entire program you chose, but not the actual TB file. ???


Would it be possible to know the name of the file you are trying to open along with its extension so we can define exactly what is going on.

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The file I download is TBSV351, and I download straight from the Toon Boom products. But the file changes to Limewire or I-Tunes no matter what even if I choose “open with” Explorer.

Now it’s working! I had to download an “unzipper” then transfer the extracted ile into Explorer. Thank for the help, I’m okay now.