TB Harmony Premium 16 takes 30 minutes to boot up!!

This is what happens: I click on the application, and the splash screen and terminal pop up (which only reads the basic program info). Then after 20 seconds, it just suddenly closes. After reopening about 10-30 times, the Terminal will finally say “Graphito Engine initialized” which is when I know it’s starting to finally wake up. After one or two more clicks, the Terminal will say “Starting mailbox server [some number]” and then finally the startup window shows up. This is the 15-30min process I have to undergo every time I need to open Harmony, and it seems to be taking longer and longer over time. Doesn’t matter how many apps are open, how much memory or disk space is being used - it’s always the same.

I have Premium vsn 16.0.0 build 14155 2018-11-01, running on Windows 10. This is the version my employers have provided me - I wonder if using a company-provided code has something to do with this problem because this was never a problem opening my own personally purchased copy. I’d love to upgrade to a later version, but again this is the version provided to me so upgrading isn’t an option unless I want to pay out of my own pocket which would be great not to have to do.

Please let me know if there’s any way to fix this. I need to use this program for work and this takes a serious toll on my productivity.

Hello jsguthrie,

Harmony 16 should not be taking 30 minutes to start up, as that is excessively long. The best way to fix this is by reaching out to our support team at desk@toonboom.com and they’ll help you troubleshoot your specific setup.

Best of luck!

Thanks, I’ll try contacting them!