TB Harmony Premium 16 Auto Close Gap in Tool Properties?

Hi everyone!
taught by Jesse. He is wonderful but, I am stuck on the close gap in the tool properties.
I can not close the gap using the tool prop method… The close gap only works using the paint bucket choice from the left side tools.
I’m afraid that I can’t follow Jesse’s cursor, he moves it so incredibly fast that I can’t see it…
I keep trying to get it to work since it’s suppose to be automatic and I would love to know as much as possible about TBH.

  1. I draw a circle using either a brush or pencil leaving a small open gap.
  2. I have tried it with and without the strokes showing,
  3. I left click on the paint bucket tool choice.
  4. Then left click on the close gap tool in the tool properties
  5. Left click and choose one of the gap choices
  6. Left click on a color swatch choice
  7. Go to my circle and left click inside the circle to paint it with the new color.
  8. :frowning: Nothing happens… I saw the line of the circle change to my chosen new color
    but it didn’t fill from the paint bucket because the gap didn’t close…

What am I doing wrong?
Thank you for your help.

I gather you have tried Close Large Gap just to play it safe?

What number appears in the field (“Close Gap Value”) representing the maximum size of gap which gets filled?

Have you tried using the Contour Edit button and reducing the size of the gap? I can create a circle with a gap too large for the automatic feature to correct but it can be rectified by using the Contour Edit tool to reduce the gap enough so the automated feature takes effect.

Hi o0Ampy0o!

Thank you so much for your help!

Yes, I had the value all the way to 10 and various levels.

I tried it again and IT WORKED!!! :>

Now I see why! It has to be a really tiny bitty-bit (quoting James Brown) of a gap!
I used a 10 value for a 1 mm open gap.

Alrighty- now, this mystery is solved!

And, I’ll just use the paint bucket, close gap, on the left side.
It seems like the gap can be bigger.

Of course, I may have to test it…

Great answers as always o0Ampy0o!!