TB Animate Pro and Highlight Module

Hey guys,

Question is I have made a cut-out puppet and I wanted to use a highlight around the character. I can do this I know on the individual drawing elements and it works but for some reason I can’t Group the puppet and have the highlight follow the keyframes along with the character with just one Matte element. I have to highlight module each piece of the characters parts. The highlight module won’t work with a master peg either.

I am also aware that there is two top inputs on the Highlight module and they seem to only work with Elements not pegs. Any suggestions? I even tried adding another composite but with no luck. Thanks

That sounds right. I think I did that but will do. If it doesn’t I’ll write back, thanks for the help.

Also want to point out your help on these forums. You help a lot of people out with problems. Your bad ass…

If you create a composite for your character, then you can connect the composite module to the right hand side of your highlight module. Then you can connect a drawing layer to the left-hand side and draw your matte in there.

It’s true that you can’t connect a peg into the highlight module. You want to input two drawings: the drawing you want to highlight (right) and the drawing that you want to use to specify the highlight, your matte (left). You can always have a peg be a parent of the drawing if you want to use the peg to animate the drawing around.