TB Animate 2 pro, Transparent background animation

Is there anyway once the animation is made, can you then export it as a movie file with a transparent background for use in a web page animation?

What you may need to do is export as a PNG sequence with transparency and then encode the sequence video using a video editor like Vegas or Premiere or whatever.

Which web program are you using? I haven’t tried uploading a transparent quicktime movie directly to the web, but it definitely works when going to a video editor like Premiere.


When you export your video go to Compression Settings and make sure the Compressor Depth is set to Millions of Colors+

I did that but for some odd reason, the white background is not transparent when placed into the web program??

I am placing it in Dreamweaver. This is going into an HTML5 based webdesign.

I have done this also, and it does work but the clarity is not as good as straight video.

I will try premiere also, I just noticed that I have a Colour-card in my timeline layers. I wonder if that is why it is not coming out transparent.

If you have a Color-Card in your scene that’s why it’s not transparent. The color by default is 255,255, 255, 255 alpha. Turn off the Color-card so that you have the “grey” transparent backdrop.

Put a color card and bring down the transparency of the color card to 0. Also do not forget to change the compression settings as said in the comment above.

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