TB 7.1 Import & Vectorize issue

Hi all,

I drew a character in pixel art with Aseprite and I tried to import as .png (or .bmp) in TB7.1 but the result is the silouette of my character completely black. Why?
Thanks in advance.


UPDATE: I’m trying to import many different format files but the result is the same. A black box or a black silouette.
Please, someone can help me?
Thanks in advance


Sounds like your graphic card may not be displaying properly. This could be due to the card being underpowered.

If you’re on Windows, try disabling the Aero Desktop theme by right-clicking the desktop, selecting “Personalize” and scrolling to the bottom to select one of the “Basic & High-Contrast” themes instead. Aero uses a lot of transparency effects that are demanding on the resources of your graphic card.

You can also try using only one monitor if you are currently using two so as not to split the cards resources between the two displays.