TB 3 highly unstable (crashes all the time)

The thread title speaks for itself

My hardware is good, I’ve switched between OpenGL and Direct3d but I still get nasty crashes (TB just disappears)

I can make it crash just by double right clicking in the drawing area.

Anyone experienced this ?

It must be very frustrating to be having those problems. Your described issue is more likely a conflict local to your own system as what you described is not a common problem. You will most likely need to communicate directly with so that they can help you isolate the conflict. We use both the Windows and Mac versions of TBS and they are both highly stable. I realize that is of little comfort to you, but I felt you might want to know that your issue is not universal. Hope you get it resolved very soon -JK

In deed, it would be a good idea to contact support for this kind of problem.

Do you have the 3.0.1 update installed ?

Open the about box, the build number should say 3.084.

If not, download the update from the members section. Registering your product is required to get access to the updates.