Taskbar icon launches command prompt window: Mailbox Server

So I added Harmony and Storyboard Pro to my taskbar and it seemed to work fine but for some reason windows creates a duplicate icon when I launch the programs from the taskbar.

Some people have this issue with Chrome and they suggest launching the program and pinning the icon currently running to the taskbar and unpinning the other one.

So I tried that and it doesn’t create a duplicate, however, both Harmony and Storyboard Pro launch a command prompt window that says:

Starting mailbox server [52669]

and then when I select a project or create a new one it adds:

OFXHost Validation and plugin cache generation started…
OFXHost Validation Completed.
Platforms detected: NVIDIA Corporation
Intel(R) Corporation
No groups found.
Scene successfully opened

I can avoid this window popping up if I launch from the start menu or desktop, if I pin those shortcuts to the taskbar a duplicate icon is created.

It’s kind of a small problem but has anyone encountered these things with Harmony or Storyboard?
Either duplicate icons in the taskbar or a mailbox server command prompt window popping up when launching from the taskbar.