1. View this flash animation:


    2. Is it possible to make something like this in toon boom?

    or would i need 3rd party software for effects?


Thanks for posting that link. I think it’s a fantastic piece of animation. There’s so much beautiful art work and great timing and pacing.

Can you do it in Animate 2? Probably, it’s highly stylisitc and there’s not much smoke, water or fire. Would it be eaier to do part in Animate 2 and part in a video editor… probably.

If you’ve not already done so, have a look through the showcases on this site to see the amazing things achieved with the ToonBoom products.

I’ve heard of some folk concentrating on a very short section of a movie, say 3 to 5 seconds and attemptng to recreate it, at home, for educational purposes.


yeh i posted it with enthusiasm since i felt it was a brilliant piece. Looking at it again, as you mentioned, not much advanced animation, but good musical score and excellent speech.

Ive had a good look, still looking amazed by what can be achieved.

to understand how the the pieces fit together to form what you’re seeing, download the movie and have the patience to play it very very slowly in a player that has this feature, i use VLC to slow it down so it plays a frame every 3 seconds.

you will be amazed how easily reproducable this is or any other piece once you could visualize “in frames”, which is a skill you acquire by time, this technique helps speed up the process…


thanks for the tip amin

That was wicked and very enjoyable.

Of course you could do that in animate. In fact a lot of it is probably fairly simple to do, but this animation shined because it was paced so damn well.

3rd party software could be used for the effects, but they could also be done in Animate. Even the sparks aren’t actually that hard to do.

Maybe in your tutorial you can discuss how the sparks might be done?

You can do the majority of the effects in Animate Pro, but the only one that would be a bit more difficult would be the sparks/fireworks.

The only real way to achieve that one would be to draw the sparks frame-by-frame and then apply a glow to them.