Talking goat

This time it’s mouth synching. I got the voiceover from a 1950 film on how to throw a party. It’s in the public domain. I popped in an old background just to get rid of the white space, since the focus was on learning to sync voices with animation. Sometime later, it would be fun to take one of those old voice tracks and really do some crazy, related animation. Here’s the link:

Looked fine to me.

i actually found the old voice over amusing.

Good goat talk. :slight_smile:

Hi Lilly,

You’re absolutely right. These are my first attempts and I have a long way to go to create characters that ‘live’ and tell a story in a way that only animation can do.

I love goats!

Good job on the lip sync, but if you now want to make it a real test, you should add some animation in the character’s head and body. When we talk, we always gesture a little, and blink, and whatnot. It would be cool to take this test to the next level!