Taking a license off a dead computer

So there is a protocol to take a license off a computer. You need to run said computer and follow the directions. My problem is the old computer with the license is that it no longer runs. When booted the screen remains black even after having all the start up sounds. I switched cables, monitors, nothing works. So how do I get the license off to place on my new computer?

Contact support.

Without access to the computer you will need them to take care of this.

You will probably need the serial number and/or record of purchase. I imagine the software is still activated through your Toon Boom account?

As far as I know Ict01 any OEM version is tied to the motherboard it is originally installed on either on a store bought or self made machine - although I have contacted Microsoft in the past with a dead board and got the same OEM installed on a new board - that was using 7. etui samsung galaxy s6 edge coque samsung galaxy s6 edge