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Hey all,

Well Christmas is around the corner & I’m working on my “wish list,” and right at the top has to be a new tablet.

What I’d like if you don’t mind, is to hear what kind of tablet you use & why you would recommend it or not. I’m going to check on my own of course, but first hand reviews are always helpful.

Right now I’m working with a graphire 4, which is just too small & constricting for me. I would love a Cintiq, but that’s unrealistic at the moment. So I guess I’m looking at the Intuos model as a strong option. However I’m also curious about tablet PC’s. Are they as good performance wise? They seem really convenient & it’s something I could take to work & still be able to draw. But I don’t know anyone who uses one, so it’s hard to get feedback on them. Also not sure about prices for them yet, so they might be out of my league as well.

If anyone has any recommendations I’d really appreciate it, in the meantime I’ll be googling away.

Thanks in advance

Well, I am using my Wacom Intuos 2 (9 X 12) for all my work at the computer,
(haven’t used a mouse for ages).

Drawing in Toon Boom Studio… (or any other software) - is like drawing on paper,
especially the size is what I feel most comfortable with.
(I have set mine with a “Quick Point” Tablet Area, so the actual drawing size is
slightly reduced, but very effective for working with folders or other things…
especially with my 24” screen size)

If I ever have to replace this one I would go for the same brand and size.

Of course this is just my very personal opinion !


My own opinions based on actual experience.

For tablets go with Wacom Intous 3 6 x8 or 6x11 or 9x12 don’t settle for any other brand or a lesser model. Larger than 9x12 is not a good choice, too large for comfort.

If you decide to go the tablet PC route there are a couple of key things to look for before you select one. First it must be 100% Wacom compatible which means they license the tablet technology from Wacom. If not don’t buy it…period. Second get the fastest duo core processor you can afford, the problem with most tablet PCs is they don’t have the horsepower needed to provide quality responsiveness (no lag) for drawing. Definitely don’t buy a non duo core machine. Toshiba is a proven brand and a good choice. Unfortunately you will probably have to get a Vista machine.

Hope this helps -JK

Thanks for the input guys. So far you’re both pretty much supporting what I found on my own. The tablet PC’s are neat & it would be cool to be able to take toon boom to work, but I had worries about performance & they seem to be well founded. To get a decent one I might as well go the extra mile & get a cintiq :wink:

Back to reality lol, I think the 9x12 intuos looks good, but I was kinda eyeing the 12x12. Bigger than that is outta my league, but you don’t think the 12x12 is worth it though eh? I guess it makes sense, not gaining a whole lot with the extra 3 inches & it’s $70 more.

Thanks again for the insight fellas, much appreciated.

Except for mobility that’s pretty much what most people conclude.

As to the size to buy, I suggest that you go to the Wacom site and get the physical dimensions of the various size tablets, then using cardboard or poster board cut out a rectangular template of the size you are thinking of buying (they are slightly larger than the model size IE 9X12 is larger than 9" x 12" etc). Then you can visually see how the “footprint” of the table works within your workspace and how you like to use your tablet. This small exercise will save you a big headache by letting you see that the larger the tablet the more difficult it is to fit in most workspaces for most people to use.
Bigger is not always better. -JK

LOL Tell my wife that :o

I hadn’t even thought of cutting out a simple template, I think you make sense with the 9x12 though. I’ll give it a look when I get home, thanks for the idea.

FYI, Wacom has come out with a new Cintiq 12wx which is smaller, about the size of an Intuos 3, with a 12" screen.

Right now, they’re only available in Europe, :frowning: but I saw a post over on where someone who had seen a demo hinted they may be available in North America in mid-December, and possibly for $995 U.S.

It’s probably still over your budget, but something to consider.

Well, it looks like the rumors were correct! Wacom has not just one, but two new Cintiqs - The 12wx is $999 U.S., and the 20wsx widescreen for $1999 U.S. (I didn’t see the 20wsx coming!)


Cintiq 12wx:
Cintiq 20wsx:

This bit of news hit me at a time when I was comitted on buying a Gateway C-140. With the Cintiq at $2.5K, it was an easy decision… a device thats over twice the price of the Tablet PC …that only does one thing … whats to compare if the Tablet PC can do the same …and more…much more?

But this new $1K version from Wacom …have caused me to pause …and rethink buying the Tablet PC. Whats even more bothersome is the talk that Vista is crap …and I know with Gateway … I may not be able to get XP instead.

Has anyone used the new $1K unit from Wacom …to see how it works?
I read one report from a buyer on Amazon that the Cintiq was’nt worth it …see here:

Has anybody used the new Gateway (now that they have come back to using Wacom’s technology for their digitizer) to say how they work. Are there any annoying lag for example when drawing?

BTW I have a 1.5 year old Gateway but it doesn’t use Wacom’s digitizer, and so doesn’t work well with TBS.

Or is there anybody out there using any other Tablet PC that runs with Wacom’s digitizer (Toshiba, Lenovo, Fujitsu etc.) … can you tell me how well it works.

If you have an Graphire or Intuos for example, try to compare your tablet PC with using these Wacom’s tablets.

I have an Intous3 and it works flawlessly on my Gateway with TBS, if you could …use that as a reference when talking about your experience with a Tablet PC.

Another purchasing option to consider is eBay. I bought my 18" Wacom on eBay in early 2006 for about $800 less than retail (they don’t make 18" anymore).

Just make sure you buy from somebody with an excellent reputation.


I was always intrested in finding information about Tablet PCs myself and never found anyone who knew anything about the subject. After a few months of research I learned more than what anyone could have told me about Tablets. I personally went out and bougt me a Cintiq 21ux and a Lenovo Thinkpad X61T. The Cintiq is just what you think or hope it is, the perfect tool for unleashing your artistic abilities and be creative. The tablet pc is not intended to be an art tool, but technology has gotten so good that you can in fact use it for artwork, because thanks to pc companies perfecting the software to recognize writting input it also benefits the artistic input just the same.

Most tablet pcs that have Wacom technology are sensitive enough that will allow you to draw acuratley on the screen. But thera are so many other factors you must consider before you let go of your hard earned cash to get a TPC. More resolution in the screen means better images, but it makes text hard to read, the great majority of TPC have a screen size of 12.1". Also, some TPCs have grainy graphics because of the digitizer, but I dontt understand that problem too much because I have one tablet that has that flaw and another that doesnt and the images look crystal freaking clear. TPCs usually do not have a cd drive, but thats just a preference. If a certain model of TPC calls your attention, and it only comes with an OS you dont like, do not let that deter you from the purchase. For example, I dont like Vista, and I really wanted to buy the Toshiba Portege R400, that machine was created specifically for Vista, so I bought it anyway, removed Vista and installed Windows XP Tablet PC Edition myself. Now it runs way faster than when I bought it, and I found drivers that got back the basic functionality of the screen and sound.

One good place to find very useful information about anything and everything related to TPC is here: ,
and here: .
There are forums of those websites that cover all topics that matter about TPC. Good luck with your search!