not sure what kind of tablet i should order, i am not looking to buy an expensive one… anyone know any cheap drawing tablets that are reliable?

Toon Boom only supports Wacom tablets, so cheaper alternatives might not work perfectly. Some people seem to use other brands with minor problems, but bear in mind that if you have an issue with a brand not officially supported Toon Boom Support probably will not be able to help.

Are you looking for a pen tablet or a display tablet? The new Intuos range costs some 100 dollars/euros for the S and 200 for the M size. The Pro version more around 300. The new Intuos Pro has the same or a similar stylus as the new Cintiqs, with 8,192 levels of pressure sensitivity. Pen displays, that is, the Cintiq variants would start around 800 or 900 dollars/euros for the smaller 13" size up to 2,500 or 3,000 for the bigger screens. But you can always try for second-hand options or older models if you’re on a budget.

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