Tablet stand

For some time I’ve been trying to figure out how to get my tablet positioned for best use, like my drawing table. It’s always been on my desk, usually with the keyboard drawer in the way, and I’ve had a hard time using it well in that position.

I couldn’t find anything online for this.

I gave it some thought and designed a prototype in foamcore board, which I (eventually) will make a wood stand from. Turns out the foam one works just great, and took about 20 minute with a pen knife and a glue gun. Check it out:

Nice idea. Seems you have everything you need in a very efficient use of space. But what’s with the salt?

The salt is at the moment a paperweight, but it wound up on my desk while doing watercolor on my traditional desk (180 degrees from this desk). The salt can have an interesting effect on a fresh wash of watercolor.