Tablet sensitivity issue

Other apps work fine with my tablet. Just can not get any pressure sensitivity with Toon Boom. Am I over looking something?

Toon Boom Studio v4.5
UC-Logic Tablet - latest driver (v1.26, 4.25.2011)
MacBook Air 11" - Lion 10.7.2

As far as I know, Toon Boom Software works best with Wacom Tablets and Drivers…
There might be an issue with your Logic Tablet and Driver ?

In the Pen-Panel did you set the Minimum- and Maximum-Size sliders far enough apart ?
Be aware, Pressure Sensitivity works only with the Brush Tool.


Why would there be an issue with my tablet or driver? It works with ArtRage, Gimp, Anime Studio Pro, ect…

Sorry, for the “misunderstanding”…
I meant, there might be an issue with the Logic Tablet Driver and Toon Boom Studio
understanding each other…

You might like and contact the Toon Boom Team:
Maybe, they might have tested that particular Tablet…?


Thanks! Will do. :wink:

Please note that Toon Boom applications are proven to run on Wacom tablets.

That’s what I have been reading. But it should also support all tablets like all other programs do without any effort. I’m beginning to feel from everything that I have been reading about Toon Boom and tablets, that Toon Boom either has a deal with Wacom or the setup for reading tablet information needs to be redone in Toon Boom. Because it’s obviously not working from all the complaints I’ve read in the last few days.