Tablet pressure sensitivity and offset in 3.5.1

After upgrading to version 3.5.1, I’ve lost pressure sensitivity on my Cintiq, though tracking is now corrected.

However, on my Intuos3 there is pressure sensitivity BUT the tracking is acting very strange. It will either be almost 5cm away from where my pen is (about 200-300 pixels up and left) or it will track perfectly, but only if I move the drawing window over to the right half of the screen, it will track perfectly, but lose pressure sensitivity (just as if it thought it was on the Cintiq).

Drawing a line from right to left, I find the tracking starts highly offset but as you move more to the left screen edge, the pen and cursor converge until they meet right at the edge.

Drawing in the right half of the screen, sometimes strokes are drawn, sometimes not, always with no pressure.

I also tried this patch on my work computer that only has a Graphire. It exhibited the same bizarre tracking and offset, though it maintains pressure sensitivity.

These issues only arose after applying the patch. So some things fixed, some things unfixed. I’ve tried deleting my tablet.dat file already and rebooting without effect. This is a dual monitor (due to the Cintiq) setup.

Hi Chenade,

Whenever you are changing of tablet you will need to uninstall the drivers for your wacom and shut down your machine. Then download the ones that fits the new tablet you are going to install and install them. If you don’t uninstall them and reboot some traces of the drivers will stay on the machine which will corrupt the new installation you are doing.

If you still get the same behavior afterward let us know and we will see to it.

Best regards,


There has been absolutely no change in the tablets. It is the change from ToonBoom Studio version 3.5.058 to 3.5.099 that caused the altered tablet behaviour.

Drawing on the Cintiq was working correctly before the patch, then after the patch it loses pressure sensitivity and the Intuos gains an unusable offset and random draw/don’t draw behaviour with the drawing window placed in different positions on the screen.

The drivers for the tablet are already the latest versions available.


Even though you did not change the tablet you still should uninstall the drivers, reboot and install them again. There might be some difference in the way the driver is read and it should be working properly with a fresh install of the drivers.

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Performed an uninstall, rebooted, reinstalled drivers downloaded from Wacom (4.96), rebooted again, checked ToonBoom, and unfortunately experienced identical behaviour.

No pressure sensitivity on the Cintiq side and bizarre tracking on the Intuos3 tablet.

Hi Chenade,

I was just wondering, do you actually have both of the tablet plugged in the same time? If you do try to disconnect one of those 2 and repeat the procedure (uninstall/reboot/install).

The fact of having 2 wacoms using the same drivers will be conflicting and this it most likely what is in case here.

You should not be using 2 tablets at the same time when you are to use our software.

Best regards,


Thanks, Ugo. I will give that a try.

Does this mean Cintiq users are not supported by ToonBoom? A Cintiq tablet requires a second tablet and monitor, because using the Cintiq for normal tasks (email, word processing, etc.) is extremely impractical. Wacom sells a companion tablet called the PenPartner especially for this reason. And of course, there’s no way to access the second monitor from the Cintiq by it’s very nature.

So even if unplugging one of the tables works, I won’t be able to use this solution as a Cintiq user. But I will certainly let you know as to whether it works or not.

Hopefully ToonBoom can upgrade it’s hardware support, as a Cintiq is the ideal hardware setup for animators.

Hi Chenade,

The Cintiq is fully supported and you should not have any difficulties with it. Although, if you have both a Cintiq and a Intuos connected to your computer there will be some conflict in between the tablets. Be aware that the Cintiq tablet option is connected through the USB cable so if you disconnect it when working with the Intuos (make sure to uninstall reboot and reinstall everytime) it should be working just fine. Same goes if you want to use the Cintiq simply disconnect the Intuos and so on.

Hope this answers your question.

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I’ve just got a brand new computer at work along with a new Wacom Intuos 3 tablet. This is a clean Vista system and all software has been newly installed, drivers and all.

When I start up ToonBoom, right after newly installing, and trying drawing, I experience exactly the same issues I found at home with the Cintiq (which means it’s not related to multiple tablets nor the Cintiq).

The setup is:
* Windows Vista
* 2 monitors
* 1 Intuos 3 tablet

The issue is:
* No pressure sensitivity on the right-side monitor
* Pressure sensitivity on the left-side monitor, but tracking becomes more and more misaligned as one leaves the top-left corner of the screen

This is a fairly serious issue that I can’t see any way to work around. It’s impossible to do any drawing with the offset.

My company purchased all this equipment specifically to enable me to work with Toonboom, so hopefully this bug can be corrected soon.

Hi Chenande,

First thing to do would be to setup the screen to have horizontal span if that is not already the case (to expand your desktop on both of the screen instead of having both of the screen as individual monitors).

Then make sure that Toon Boom Studio v3.5.1 build 099 is installed on the machine. Once this is done go through the following process:

First you will have to stop the tablet service by opening a command shell (Start menu>Run>cmd and enter). Once the shell is opened type in “net stop tabletservice”. Then you will need to delete the tablet.dat file. There are 2 possible locations for this file; the first would be under “C:\Windows\System32” or inside your user preferences “C:\Documents and Settings\youruseraccount\Application Data\WTablet”. Once the tablet.dat file is deleted go back in the prompt shell and do “net start tabletservice”. Then try launching the software and see if it you have any offset in the cursor.

Be aware that if you change your screen setup you might have to go through those steps again.

Best regards,


Toon Boom is the very newest, freshly downloaded from your site. :slight_smile:

The desktop already spans both monitors, with the left-side being the primary (though in display properties, the left one is #2 and the right #1). The two monitors have different resolutions (1920x1200 and 1600x1200). If you meant to set the desktop to a single super-wide resolution (such as 3200x1200), Vista does not seem to have such capabilities. But Toon Boom can be moved from one to the other or sized to span both simultaneously.

Following the tablet procedure did not have any effect on the program unfortunately.

Do note that the offset issue did not exist in the previous build of Toon Boom (though the pressure issue did exist). A bug has been introduced in this latest version.

I’ve mentioned this before, but if I have Toon Boom on the left monitor, but position the drawing window (small sized) on the far right (of the left monitor), it will at some point adopt the buggy behaviour of the right monitor (no pressure, but good tracking). It’s very strange. A line drawn on the right may have bug #2 while a line on the left will have bug #1.

Hi Chenande,

What currently concerns me is that I can’t manage to reproduce the behavior you are having on site. What you are mentioning should be fixed by the driver reset.

If you have the latest driver of Wacom installed retry the previous procedure but make sure to delete the one with the following path:

C:\User\username\appdata\roaming\WTablet<br />
This is the path for the tablet.dat on Windows Vista (sorry for the previous information I don’t have a Vista machine at hand so add to go get the info in the testing deparment). Confirm with me that the tablet.dat file is there then delete it after stopping the tabletservice and also confirm that once you restart the service the tablet.dat file was recreated.

Once this is done test again.

Best regards,


Thanks for identifying the Vista location. I wasn’t able to locate it earlier. Going through the stop/start process as described didn’t have any effect.

However, I did try physically disabling the second monitor and that allowed Toon Boom to function properly. When I reconnect it, then it returns to it’s very confusing behaviour.

It clearly seems to have a problem understanding 2 monitors.

Is it possible this will be patched in future? It’s not very feasible to avoid having 2 monitors with a Cintiq, since the Cintiq is impractical for use with non-drawing work.

I have the same offset problem. I have two monitors and wacom introus 3 tablet. I didn’t the problem until I installed the service pack for 3.5 I can’t figure how to work around this problem.

Hi Yar,

Try to completely uninstall the drivers (unconnect your tablet), reboot your machine, make sure your 2 monitors are connected, set the dual view settings to horizontal span, reconnect your tablet and download the latest drivers for your Wacom tablet.

Chenande, one thing I am thinking now is that since you say that when you connect the second monitor it start not working properly you might want to uninstall the drivers/reboot/make sure both screen are connecter and install the drivers over. If you connect a new monitor it changes the resolution and you might get those weird behavior. If you keep it as is after the installation of the drivers it should be working properly.

Best regards,


Hi Ugo, in your last post you mean the drivers for the monitors not the tablet right? I ask because I’ve just aquired the same problem as chenade, but I’ve read this thread, uninstalled old tablet drivers & installed the new ones. I’ve also played with all settings for 2 monitors in the control panel as well as the physical connections. All I can seem to do is switch back & forth between which monitor has the offset + pressure sensitivity & which has no offset and no pressure sensitivity. Maybe it is the monitor drivers then, because I had 2 monitors set up a couple months ago & don’t recall having any problems then. I’m not sure if that was 3.5.1 or not, but I think it was. The only older version I used was my trial.

Right now I’ve got two monitors on my desk with only one enabled. I can live with one screen but I much prefer two, so if you have any more advise please let me know. I’ll try checking my monitor’s drivers & see if that does anything in the meantime.


ok I don’t have the problem completely solved, but I’ve got a better solution than turning one monitor off…

for those people on windows that don’t see a choice for “horizontal span” when they goto the control panel/display/settings: I found the option through my video card settings, not the display settings… While I did update drivers for my monitors as well, that did not seem to make a difference. But when I right click the desktop, a couple spots above the properties tab is one that (for me) says “Nvidia display”. I went into that & got a very similar window to what you see in control panel/display/settings, but at top is a banner for nView, and there is an otion for nView display mode with a dropdown menu to the right of it. This menu has 5 or 6 options, one of which is horizontal span.

I can’t say how much of that will be exactly the same on different comps with different video cards, but I think you can follow the same procedure with your respective devices.

Now let me say it’s still not ideal, but it is much better than before. The only thing I still can’t seem to do is set my pen mode to only focus on one monitor. I would like to draw on my right monitor, but when I set my pen to use the whole tablet for the right monitor, I’m back to the offset. My workaround now is to keep the pen in full screen mode, but that means I have half of a 4x5 graphire to work with & it’s somewhat like drawing on post-it notes. Again, it’s much better than before, I have no offset and I DO have pressure sensitivity, but I also have my drawing surface cut in half.

Any further suggestions are much appreciated, maybe there is something I’m still missing, or should I be contacting wacom about the issue?

hello, im trying out the tbs demo and had same prob with offset which seems to be fixed now with a tablet driver update. i am trying to achieve pressure sensitivity tho and cant. in the properties>pen tab i have different max and min pen sizes chosen. is there any other setting i need to activate or is it the old tablet/2monitor problem do you think? thanks

unfortunately the offset problem has returned which is not entirely supprising as it got worse and worse previous to installing the new tablet driver. i did uninstal the old wacom driver b4 installing the updated driver by the way. the pressure sensitivity problem only occurs when using 2 monitors. ive checked all my nvidia options and dont seem to have any option for a horizontal mode for 2 monitors but will keep looking…

nigel, read my thread directly below this one, for the moment it is an unresolved issue.